-God Does Exist-

God Does Exist

Let me lay out several easy to understand reasons for belief in God

  1. The bible assumes God.  The divinely inspired authors felt no need to defend the existence of God because it seemed obvious that a powerful creator must exist.
  2. If God (the creator of all time, space and matter) does not exist then why does anything exist and how did it come to exist?  If there ever was nothing, then how could there ever be something?  We learned in first grade science that in the natural world every effect needs a cause.  How can nothing, explode and turn into everything (Big Bang)?  Impossible!!!  Logic and science demands that there is an uncaused first cause, namely God.
  3. The complexity of creation demands intelligence behind it, namely God.  Buildings are proof that there were builders, paintings are proof of the painter, cars are proof of the car makers and creation is proof of a creator.  A single cell under a human finger nail is far more complex than the any computer, yet you would never believe that a computer could create itself.  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Cosmology and Mathematics are all shining lights that reflect the beauty, intelligence and complexity of their creator.
  4. Moral laws shine forth as evidence for a grand creator.  Is rape wrong?  If yes, then why?  If it is really just survival of the fittest out there then how can rape be wrong?  The rapist may  just be trying to spread his seed.  How can murder be wrong?  It makes for less competition.  The atheistic world view does not have a reasonable explanation for the existence of morality.  Many may argue that society determines what is right and wrong.  If this is true then  it was not really wrong to enslave black people due to the color of their skin in the U.S., it was not really wrong for Greek men to molest young boys  as a way of life a couple thousand years ago, or for the Aztecs to offer human sacrifices to the sun god, after all, their society approved of it.  That is crazy!!!  True moral laws do not change with culture and society.   If there is one moral law, like it is wrong to rape, murder, molest children, or beat your wife, then logic demands that there is a moral law giver.  God is the moral law giver.  He is the true and pure standard of goodness and he has written his law on the hearts and consciences of humanity.  Human rights and morality come from God, not evolution and survival of the fittest.
  5. Supernatural prophecy is a wonderful evidence of God’s existence and sovereignty.  The Bible is full of prophetic writings that cannot be explained if God does not exist.  I will often ask people to read the 53 chapter of Isaiah in the Old Testament of the bible without revealing to them what it is that they are actually reading.  I always ask them who it is that is being spoken about in the writing, and they always tell me it is about Jesus.  I then proceed to tell them that this document was written over 700 years before the birth of Jesus.  It is interesting to note that historians have a  scroll of Isaiah that predates Jesus by 200 years.  It is part of the dead sea scrolls and it proves that the document has not been changed to fit modern Christian interpretation.  I challenge you to read Isaiah 53 for yourself and examine many other amazing prophecies by clicking on the following links:

Isaiah 53http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isa%2053&version=ESV

Other Prophecieshttp://www.reasons.org/fulfilled-prophecy-evidence-reliability-bible


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